Explore the Many Faces of Italy with a Villa Vacation

Italy is so much more than just a pretty face. Whether you're a foodie, long for adventure, a history buff, or somewhere in between, there's something for everyone here.

When you think of an Italian holiday, you’ll likely think of the pinnacle of gourmand getaways. From the fine wines to the epic culinary curios, it’s true that there’s something for everyone to sip and sample here. Italy is so much more than just that though. Italy villa vacations offer you the best of all worlds. Enjoy a country that’s bursting with flavor, relax and be pampered, or enjoy an epic adventure to a place you never dreamed existed. The choice is all yours.

Sip your way through the legendary wine region of Chianti

For Foodies:

Explore the Chianti Wine Region

If you know much about wine, you likely know that Chianti attracts visitors around the world to its beautiful landscape peppered with lush vineyards and olive groves. This is because it plays host to some of the most quintessentially Italian wine labels around the world. Prestigious, historic, and full-bodied, this decadent region also houses some of the most beautiful villas in Italy, giving you the perfect reason to sip, sample, and savor your stay.

Machiavelli: 10 bedroom, 10 bathroom historic villa in the Florence area

For History-Lovers:

Experience the Heart of Florence

Florence is often described as the cradle of the Renaissance. It’s here that some of the most culturally and historically-significant artifacts can be found and witnessed in person. From the world-class museums to the cobblestone streets, architectural hubs, and beyond, Florence is the perfect mix of old and new. Best of all, Florence area villas give you access to it all, all while you stay in luxury and style.

Walk the Path of the Gods along the Amalfi Coast

For Adventure-Seekers:

Walk the Path of the Gods

Italy isn’t just for the gourmand. It’s also home to some of the most stunning coastlines, mountainous vistas, and seascapes in the world. The Path of the Gods offers all that and more. Tracing along the winding cliffs from the charming villages of the Amalfi Coast to Nocelle, the Path of the Gods offers panoramic sea views and breathtaking mountainous vistas. This walk is a moderate hike that will take you about four hours – definitely earning you a treat when you’re done.

Villa dei Sogni: 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom villa with views of Lake Como

For Water-Lovers:

Discover the Magic of Lake Como

Nestled perfectly between the Alps and the River Po, Italy’s incredible Lakes region features a vibrant mix of medieval towns, snow-capped mountain ranges, botanical gardens, and succulent lemon groves. Lakes Region villas in Italy offer the perfect blend of privacy, exclusivity and, of course, access to what’s often considered the most gorgeous waterside escape in Europe. Enjoy fresh fish, local wines, regional cuisine, and all the romance you could possibly want.

If you’ve been longing to experience Italy in a way that’s slightly different, slightly more exciting, and entirely more luxurious, an Italy villa vacation might just be the perfect escape for you. Discover the Old World made new like never before.